Yom HaShoah Program

Holocaust Remembrance Day


2009 Program Highlights

Kol Israel is well known for our superb Yom Ha Shoah programs and this year was no exception.  Our speaker was Ann Kirchner, author of  SALA’S GIFT and daughter of survivor Sala  Kirschener.  She explained that she always knew her mother survived the Holocaust  but knew little else about her experience.

Then, before Sala went into the hospital for surgery, she gave Ann a box of letters and journal entries chronicling her life, and the lives of many other Jews, during the war. Ann learned that her mother had been a slave in one of the

labor camps, and it was her hard work that enabled her to survive. The stories of Jewish slave labor during World War II traditionally has received less attention than life in the ghettos and concentration camps. But in SALA'S GIFT,

Ann Kirschner, using those letters, tells her mother's story and of other men and women forced into labor under the Nazis.

      Many, many thanks to Jack Saban who puts so much time, effort and research into always providing us with moving and meaningful experiences.  He somehow always manages to focus on different aspects and give us a much deeper understanding of the Holocaust.


Sala's Gift my Mothers Holocaust Story By Ann Kirschner
( The Letters ) that Ann Kirshner draws on to tell her mother's story stand as evidence of humanity in the face of terrible conditions and of religious faith and ritual that persisted despite the Nazi campaign to eliminate Jews.


2008 Program Highlights


Listen to Zvi Bielski, son of Zvi Bielski:

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    The Bielski Brothers story will be told in the upcoming movie "Defiance." Watch the trailer below:


Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, is the day set aside to remember the six million Jews that perished in the Holocaust.

Kol Israel remembers this day every year by hosting a special program.

This past year the story of the Bielski Brothers was told. Zvi Bielski told the story of his father and his Uncles, three brothers who defied the Nazis. Together they built a village in the forest and saved 1200 Jewish lives.

Over two hundred of our community members attended this years Yom Hashoa program to pay their respects to the Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust.

Rabbi Besser started the evening by leading our community teens in lighting six memorial candles, each candle representing one million lost Jews.

Chucky Erani followed with a speech detailing his trip to Poland and how it had a tremendous impact on his life.
A film was shown on the story of the Bielski Brothers followed by a question and answer session with Zvi Bielski.

A special thanks:
Joe Dweck for his time and effort he put into this years program.
Rabbi Harari for always making sure this program happens every year.


By Jack Saban


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