Kol Israel Hanukkah Celebration


2008 Programs

Hanukah is always a special time in our community & we share in many celebrations during this joyous time.

Couples Class

We had a very interesting couples class in the home of Betty & Michael Fallas with inspiration words give by Rabbi Richard Tobias.
We were also treated to a dessert tasting for our upcoming and much anticipated cookbook.
Thanks Betty & Mike for your continued warmth and hospitality!

Wine & Cheese

We also had a spectacular wine & cheese party after our Monday night Beit Midrash program.
The program was well attended and we heard special inspirational words by Rabbi Harari that night.
The Beit Midrash program has been ongoing since October 2008 and we urge you to come join us.
Remember, 'Six Great Topics - we pick the night, you choose the class"
Special thanks to Chuck Dweck for his continued effort in making this program such a success. Many thanks to Irving Feldman and all our many sponsors for their support.


Chinese Auction & Bingo

Our youth were treated once again to our Hanukah Chinese Auction & Bingo night.
This is the night that our youth look forward to all year long.
We enjoy delicious pizza, and then play some wild bingo games with the absolute best prizes ever
Finally, we draw the winning tickets for our Chinese Auction.
The excitement is so tremendous that we are amazed that the building can contain it all!
Special thanks to Andrea & Jack Saban for their tireless efforts in bringing all of our youth together for such a special night!
Thanks also to all of our sponsors for their generosity.




Ice Skating

What would Hanukkah be without ice skating?
Our entire community from the very young to our almost very old took to the ice at Aviator Field for a morning of fun.
About 200 of us laced up and spent 2 hours on the ice trying to keep from falling - most of us were successful!.Thanks to Jack Tobias for providing our skating music.
We hope that Rabbi Harari will actually make it onto the ice next year (with skates on this time).
Thanks to Elliott Dweck & Robert Lubin for organizing this event and special thanks to Eli Matalon, Ezra Saff & Robert Lubin for sponsoring this event.





2007 Events

Couples Class

     On Thursday December 6, 2007 Renee and Albert Dwek hosted a magnificent evening in their beautiful home.  The Kol Israel community was treated to a spectacular night of socializing, celebrating, and learning. Renee and Albert’s warmth and hospitality was certainly felt by all. We enjoyed Renee’s outstanding dessert table of the most beautiful Syrian pastries, finest chocolates, and delectable sweets and fruit. Albert’s charm and sincere welcome set the tone for a magical evening. Our always gracious and generous hosts truly created a festive setting for the community to enjoy.

   A very powerful Hanukkah class was led by Rabbi  Naftali Besser. He presented an Israeli documentary about the Gaza Disengagement. As we know, a major theme of Hanukkah is bravery.  Using the film, Rabbi Besser illustrated that there are many ways to be brave. He explained that this film depicted the bravery and dedication of the Jews to Am Yisrael on both sides of the disengagement. As we watched this very emotional film, we were reminded that we need to be introspective regarding our values and priorities. With this lesson the holiday of Hanukkah took on new meaning for many.


Ice Skating

             On December 9, 2007 our congregation went on an ice skating trip to Aviator Sports. This trip was part of our annual Hanukah program. We had non-stop fun! Whether we were falling flat on our faces or gliding through the air, we were enjoying it the whole time. We were skating with our friends and family, which made it all the more enjoyable right from the get-go. It was exactly what Hanukah is about. Not about getting iPods, MacBooks and Nintendo wiis. It’s about being united, happy and appreciating life because of the two miracles that happened on Hanukah. That’s just how it was when we were ice skating.

             For an hour and a half we had the skating rink reserved just for the members of Kol Israel. Some people had serious talent and some did their best, which is the most important thing, right? This wasn’t the first time our shul went ice skating together. However it was the first time we had a professional skater with us! Ice skating was so special and we had something else that made it even better. We saw a performance by my brother’s girlfriend, the one and only, the very talented… Karen Shua-Haim. She entertained us with her high jumps, triple axels, death spirals and crazy fast spins. We were all left speechless with our eyes wide and mouths hanging open in shock! Most of the people (especially the young ones) never saw someone do a triple axel in person. The whole trip was a blast. Many thanks to Elliot Dweck and the entire youth committee. Can’t wait till next year!


Bingo Night

            What makes Hanukah in Kol Israel so special? It could be the great staff and committee members we have in our synagogue. It can also be the fun programs that they organize for Hanukah. On December 9th the synagogue went on an ice skating trip to Aviator Sports. As much fun as that was, we also had so much fun on the night of December 8, 2007 - Bingo night! For $5.00 we got pizza, a ticket for the Chinese auction and the best night of our lives!! We owe big thanks to Andrea and Jack Sabin who did an amazing job organizing it. We also owe a big thanks to the people who sponsored all of the fantastic prizes in the Chinese Auction. There were such awesome gifts such as guitar hero (the Wii game), iPod touch, iPod nano video, sports tickets and the girl’s package which is every girl’s dream to win.

               Bingo night was a ton of fun. First we put in thousands of tickets in whatever we wanted and thought we had a chance of winning. Then we played thrilling, close games of bingo. Even though everyone was one or two spots away from winning, there were only a few winners. The winners received prizes and good luck for the picking of the Chinese auction. The whole night we were having a blast with our friends while we were counting the seconds until we found out who the winners of the Chinese auction were. Last but not least, they finally announced who the lucky winners were. Bingo night was just what Hanukah was about, celebrating the miracles that Hashem did and being glad and happy. Let’s thank everyone who was involved with Bingo night including the kids for coming. It’s going to be hard to wait another whole year to do it again!

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