Maqam Class Series: Class 7 – April 6, 2014

Dear Class,

Thank you all for making the last class an excellent turnout. Congratulations to those who participated in the 8 pesukim in Ashrei, covering the entire Bayat scale.

As it was our last class on Maqam Bayat, it gave me great satisfaction to see everyone so much further along in their ability to identify and properly sing the Maqam top to bottom, in addition to understanding all the many other Maqamat that are interwoven within Bayat.

Below the media files are a few highlights of the material we covered during the technical portion of our class with my PowerPoint presentation, specifically a diagram showing all the subsumed Maqamat in Bayat. As we close out Bayat, I encourage everyone to post any final questions you have on this Maqam.



Class 7 Recording (Part 1)

Class 7 Recording (Part 2)


Strings of Hope, by: Duo Esperanto


Singing Bayat with a Pattern (in this case 1-2-3, 2-3-4)


Technical Review:

In the technical portion of our class we spoke about the various Maqamat that can be found within Bayat and their relationship to one another. Below are two diagrams that illustrate this point:

Subsumed Maqamat 1


Subsumed Maqamat 2

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