Maqam Class Series: Class 4 – December 14, 2013

Dear Class,

As I mentioned in my email, we knocked the last class out of the park, I am thrilled to see so much progress from the previous class. I’d like to continue practicing notes 1-5 in Bayat.

Below the media files is a recap and highlights of the material we covered during the technical portion of our class on the projector presentation, specifically the breakdown of Bayat into the two Jins and where they each begin and end, and how it compares to Husseini. Again, consider this information extra credit – you don’t need to understand it to succeed in this class. If it seems too complicated, leave it alone and focus on the music. Also, please forgive me for the recording of the class not showing the whiteboard presentation clearly enough to see it, we will try to troubleshoot for next class.

We introduced a new concept to the class Saturday night. This is using the Pizmon as a springboard to jump into vocal improvisation (Mawal), using the structure of the song as a basis for the Mawal. I posted an example of that below. I recommend practicing this way for the coming two weeks to start developing your own “moves” for Maqam Bayat.

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