Maqam Class Series: Class 3 – November 23, 2013

Dear Class,

I am totally blown away and deeply inspired. You all nailed the lower Jins Bayat when we sang the notes individually. You were right on key when we sang Sur Ya El. And I was stunned by how accurate and moving the 3 Mawals were – congratulations to Abe Manopla, Joey Franco, and Ovadia Sutton, great work – It takes guts to get up there and be in the spotlight. A special thanks to Maury for selflessly sharing his musical talent with us and adding new flavor to our class.

I’d like to continue focusing on and perfecting the lower Jins of Bayat, with the addition of what we’ve added to our repertoire, note 5, which also happens to be the tonic or starting Continue reading

Maqam Class Series: Class 2 – November 9th, 2013

Dear Class,

I think we really raised the bar this time. I am deeply gratified to see you quickly identify Bayat and to hear you sing the lower Jins so clearly and confidently. It also seemed that most of you grasped the overall technical and mathematical concepts presented. All of this is a breakthrough – because a true Bayat is actually one of the more difficult Maqamat to sing. Once we move on to other scales you will see how closely related they are and how much easier it is to grasp them. Continue reading

Maqam Class Series: First Class – October 29th, 2013

From Michael Harari:

Dear Class,

I am truly speechless. I’ve always heard of the amazing congregants of Kol Israel, but did not imagine that I would be teaching a group of such smart, talented, and musical people, nor did I think I would be able to cover so much ground in a single class. You kept me on my toes and it seemed as though you all really grasped the important concepts.  And most enjoyable for me was to hear you all right on key when we sang Maqam Bayat together.

I am committed to sticking with you all while we all learn about Continue reading