The Joy of Quiet

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I thought you might be interested in the article The Joy of Quiet.

Yes, I know it’s anachronistic to say that we are being overrun by technology and it is leading us down a road that might lead to nowhere. But, as you know I rarely have views that sync with pop-culture anyway.

Over the past several months I have begun to limit (ever-so-slightly) my use of technology. Not going to sleep with an Ipad by my side has been difficult, made easier by knowing that my phone charging a few feet away can access the same information with just a bit more eyestrain.

Teaching in High School I see hands on the change that tech is having on the youth. While there are many positives to having the world at your fingertips, the ability to focus, have patience, and think critically are not one of them.

We need to think preemptively on how we are going to be able to filter the use of this technology and our kids reliance on it, if we are going to stay ahead of the curve. The question is whether we are willing to make the tough choice to do so. Just imagine the complaining your going to get when you turn off the wifi in the house after 10:00.

Anyway, it’s time to tackle this issue head on. Wifi, the ipad and texting are not so ‘old’ that we can’t develop some strategy to limit its hold on our world.

Please take the time to read the article below. I await your comments.

Moses D. Haber

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