with Sally Grazi Shatzkes


Bake & Learn is an original Kol Israel program designed for girls ages 8-13.  Under the supervision of Sally Grazi-Shatzkes, the girls at Bake & Learn are given the opportunity to combine Torah with delicious and creative foods.  This season  the group has met three times to try out new and fun recipes while learning the laws associated with these treats, such as the laws of hafrashat challah, berachot, and holiday customs. 

No lessons are better learned than the ones demonstrated in front of their eyes.  And their Torah learning is always rewarded with tasty creations and loads of fun! The girls are looking forward to more sessions with Sally who is quite devoted to her group.  She also runs our Shabbat girls minyan  and spent the Shabbat the day before giving birth with our Kol Israel group!!  We are all looking

forward to many more creative projects together.







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