2008-2009 Events




Sefer Torah Dedication by the Dweck Family - September 21, 2008

On a beautiful Sunday morning our congregation celebrated a sefer Torah dedication by Beatrice & Robert Dweck.
The Torah was dedicated in memory of Doris Dweck & Edward M Dweck and in honor of Dr. Joel Wolowelsky and our very own Rabbi Harari.
The Torah was escorted by a crowd of more than 200 people from the Dweck home to our synagogue where we then heard moving words from family members, the honorees and friends.
We thank Beatrice & Bobby for sharing this happy occasion with us and for placing your Torah at Kol Israel.



Succot & Simhat Torah Celebration - October 2008


Our Simhat Torah bags were once again a tremendous hit and we thank our volunteers for helping to pack the bags and for leaving some candies for the rest of us!
Special thanks to Elliott Dweck & Robert Lubin for organizing our Simhat Torah candy bags and to all of our generous sponsors
We also had our first annual trip to Great Adventure on Hol Hamoed - it was a great trip enjoyed by all.
Special thanks for Charles Grazi and Lynn Sued for helping organize this fantastic trip









Bake & Learn - November 2008

We are fortunate to have Sally Grazi Shatzkes run our Bake & Learn program for girls age 8-13.
It a wonderful opportunity to share in Torah and bake goodies with friends.




Islander Game Nov 29, 2009

Kol Israel has always has a fun time going to professional sporting events.
This was evident when we went to see the NY Islanders take on the Washington Senators and we actually got to see the Islanders win!!
Special thanks to our youth committee for organizing this event.




Hanukah 2008

Hanukah is always a special time in our community & we share in many celebrations during this joyous time.

We had a very interesting couples class in the home of Betty & Michael Fallas with inspiration words give by Rabbi Richard Tobias.
We were also treated to a dessert tasting for our upcoming and much anticipated cookbook.
Thanks Betty & Mike for your continued warmth and hospitality!

We also had a spectacular wine & cheese party after our Monday night Beit Midrash program.
The program was well attended and we heard special inspirational words by Rabbi Harari that night.
The Beit Midrash program has been ongoing since October 2008 and we urge you to come join us.
Remember, 'Six Great Topics - we pick the night, you choose the class"
Special thanks to Chuck Dweck for his continued effort in making this program such a success. Many thanks to Irving Feldman and all our many sponsors for their support.

Our youth were treated once again to our Hanukah Chinese Auction & Bingo night.
This is the night that our youth look forward to all year long.
We enjoy delicious pizza, and then play some wild bingo games with the absolute best prizes ever
Finally, we draw the winning tickets for our Chinese Auction.
The excitement is so tremendous that we are amazed that the building can contain it all!
Special thanks to Andrea & Jack Saban for their tireless efforts in bringing all of our youth together for such a special night!
Thanks also to all of our sponsors for their generosity.



What would Hanukkah be without ice skating?
Our entire community from the very young to our almost very old took to the ice at Aviator Field for a morning of fun.
About 200 of us laced up and spent 2 hours on the ice trying to keep from falling - most of us were successful!.Thanks to Jack Tobias for providing our skating music.
We hope that Rabbi Harari will actually make it onto the ice next year (with skates on this time).
Thanks to Elliott Dweck & Robert Lubin for organizing this event and special thanks to Eli Matalon, Ezra Saff & Robert Lubin for sponsoring this event.



Siyum Masechet Sotah

We celebrated along w/ Rabbi Taler & his students the completion of Masechet Sotah on Sunday Feb 15
We heard Rabbi Taler complete the gemarah, then heard kiddush by Jack Hanan.
After that we enjoyed a special breakfast prepared by Raymond & Shaul Askhenazi along with some inspirational words by Danny Levy.
Congratulations to Rabbi Taler and his students, Jack Hanan, Danny Levy & Raymond Ashkenazi




Purim 2009 Couples Class

On a chilly Tuesday night we warmed up and shared Torah & good food at the home of Elaine & Bernie Hafif.
The Hafifs graciously opened their house to us and we had a excellent turn out.
Rabbi Joe Beyda compared current world situations w/ Purim and showed us that our beliefs are what hold us together.
We also had spontaneous Chinese auction for a beautiful alligator wallet donated by Selly Beyda - the winner wishes to remain anonymous but we hope that he enjoys the wallet...
Once again, we has had a dessert tasting for our upcoming cookbook and cant wait to see the results.
Thanks again Elaine & Bernie for hosting us and we look forward to sharing in many more community events with you.




Great Adventure



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