Tripling Our Investments

by Morris Dweck
Succot 2007


We often here of how giving ten dollars to tzedakah will earn you twenty dollars in return. People always make it seem like it's that simple, God just doubles your money when you give tzedakah. They treat this mitzvah as if it were magic instead of grasping the true ideas that the mitzvah contains.

As with every other  mitzvah giving tzedakah is designed to instill in us certain ideas.  When we are giving tzedakah we are supposed to realize that we must give away this money because it is not truly ours. The concept of Maaser (giving ten percent to the Leveite) was not one of generosity but of necessity. The people of Israel were obligated give this ten percent to tzedaka because it was not their money. God allowed them to keep 90 percent, the other ten percent was never truly theirs. The mitzvah of tzedakah shares these ideas. Once a person truly realizes that his possessions aren't his own, they should lose importance in his eyes. He should realize that money is not a goal but a means. We often get caught up with material possessions and luxuries but that's not what life is about. Life isn't about the where and the what it's about the who. The type of person you are is what you should be worrying about. With this knowledge of the unimportance of money all of the money that a person does have will naturally feel like so much more. A person won't need to have that new car, or that huge house. Hopefully this mitzvah will help us realize the truth about money and lead us to tripling our investments.

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